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College Application Spotlight: About
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College Application Spotlight

At Give3600, we believe that community service makes a difference. Period. It can impact lives and the community as a whole. Community service hours over and above the bare minimum demonstrate dedication, discipline, and leadership—all qualities that impress a college admissions team. We recommend that you spend at least 50 hours committed to one organization or focus area. Colleges consider 50-200 hours of community service to be impressive, showing real commitment on the part of the student.

At Give3600, our College Application Spotlight program consists of the following:

Assessment: Initial meeting with student and parent. At this meeting, we’ll discuss your interests and the amount of time available for volunteering.

Analysis: A customized list of nonprofits will be provided after assessment. This allows the student and parent to discuss options and determine the best approach.

Connection: Give3600 will contact the selected nonprofits and schedule volunteer time.

Execution: Service hours completed by the student.

Follow-Up: Text/email reminders, tracking, and communication with nonprofit leaders ensure a successful outcome.

Other benefits that you may not have considered:

• Nonprofit supervisors can provide letters of recommendation.

• Volunteer experience makes for a compelling essay topic.

• Relationships and knowledge gained can open doors to college majors and programs.

That’s pretty much it, the end result is successful completion of service hours and a college application that really stands out.

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