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A Better Forecast

So it’s been about a week since that “supreme prognosticator” and resident of Punxsutawney, Phil the groundhog, saw his shadow. Could he be right, are we really in for six more weeks of winter? Maybe, maybe not. While the February 2nd tradition is certainly fun, Phil’s weather forecast isn’t always reliable.

There is one thing you can always count on, however: completing service hours is always a good idea. The pandemic continues, so virtual opportunities are still the preferred option. If nothing else, the various video and streaming options have certainly generated some creative ways of giving back.

A few, real-world examples are listed below. Some of our Give3600 student clients are:

· Updating social media channels for a music-based nonprofit

· Creating cooking videos for a woman’s shelter

· Partnering with a STEM group to create “Day in the Life” posts

· Researching grant opportunities for a women’s veterans group

There are lots of other examples, to be sure. We like to think that for every nonprofit in need, there is a student with time and enthusiasm to give, even with social distancing and other measures in place. One thing we know for sure: as spring approaches (yay!), there are lots of ways to meet the diverse needs of nonprofits.

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