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Lessons from the bird feeder

I’m fortunate to have a home office with windows that give me a view of the outside world. I’ve seen children frolic in the snow, gardeners zip around on riding lawnmowers, and dark storm clouds gather. No surprise, but the same windows can be a huge distraction for me. Yes, my mind sometimes wanders, but lately, I’ve been entertained by the birds that come visit our new feeder.

It's been delightful to see the different types of birds that have stopped by for a bite, everything from bright-red cardinals to robins. All are seemingly grateful to have a place to dine. There are some who are early risers, and others who only come later in the day (I guess they’re not “morning birds”). Some wait patiently for others to finish eating, while some fly around and knock their friends out of the way. When the feeder is empty, several of them still drop by, making it clear that they are disappointed with the service. Even those disappointed “customers” are patient and fly off, knowing sooner or later it will get filled it up again.

To be honest, I have learned many lessons from watching birds. They display patience and genuine appreciation of the simple kindness of others. The point here? Take some time, watch a few birds, and see what lessons you may learn!

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