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Life Lessons and Singer Sewing Machines

“Keep the fabric lined up with the sewing foot.” I still remember my grandmother telling me this as she taught me how to sew many years ago. Everything, from the sound of her sewing machine to the smell of the iron as she pressed the seams, are still vivid memories. What incredible outfits she could create with just some fabric, thread, and her reliable Singer sewing machine!

My early attempts at sewing were nothing short of disastrous. From zippers sewn in backwards(!) to sleeves sewn together, it happened. Still, my grandmother was always there with reassuring words and guidance, never once doubting me. Though we may not have finished many projects together, I have always remembered those life lessons she taught me.

Fast forward to last year when I decided to take up sewing again. Armed with my own Singer machine, I started with a few simple projects. Even wandering through the fabric store brought back memories of my grandmother and her emphasis on patience, hard work, and believing in yourself. Now, when I sit down to sew, I know she is there beside me, guiding me, and reminding me “No worries if you make a mistake. That is what a seam ripper is for.”

These days, I approach sewing with one thought in mind: if you aren’t perfect right off the bat, don’t worry about it. Just remember lessons from the past, and keep that fabric lined up.

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