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Putting the Pieces Together

Who hasn’t experienced the joy of playing with LEGO, or if not joy, the pain(!) of stepping on a rogue brick left behind? In 1949, Danish toy maker Oleg Kirk Christiansen patented the now-famous interlocking bricks. The name LEGO, by the way, means “play good” in Danish. More trivia: the number of LEGO bricks sold in a year, when laid end-to-end, would reach more than five times around the world. Not bad for small plastic bricks!

So, what does LEGO have to do with volunteering? Glad you asked. Just as LEGO can be combined in infinite ways, so too can nonprofits and volunteers join forces. The right combination results in “mission accomplished” for the nonprofit, and true satisfaction for the volunteer.

At Give3600, our focus is to find those ideal partnerships and make sure they fit both the nonprofit and the volunteer. We spend a great deal of time interviewing nonprofit leaders and student volunteers, making sure both parts of the combination not only fit together, but result in something lasting and strong.

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