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Some advice from the coach...

There’s been a lot of wonderful things coming out of the U.K. over the years – music, books, TV, James Bond movies, and much more. After being on the receiving end for so long, it’s about time we sent something the other way. Perhaps one of the best things we’ve sent “across the pond” is that revered philosopher and motivational expert, Ted Lasso. If you haven’t seen “Ted Lasso,” by the way, it’s an award-winning series on Apple TV+. Season two arrives in late July.

From the very beginning, Ted demonstrated a genuine concern for others. Empathy, of course, is a wonderful skill to demonstrate. What’s the best way to show empathy? There are many ways, including being the absolute best listener, helping others crystalize their goals and plans, and asking questions when the time is right. It takes effort, of course, but when others describe you as truly empathic, you’ll know you’ve added another skill to your list of traits.

Another entry from the Lasso playbook: bring treats to a colleague on a regular basis. You don’t necessarily have to bake something; you can always stop by a local bakery and pick up a few sweets. Even the smallest gesture, repeated on a regular basis, can have a lasting impact. It doesn’t even have to be daily. Think about instituting “Frosted Fridays” or a similar routine.

So, are you ready to start being more like Coach Lasso? Maybe the easiest way to start is by taking time to help others. There are always plenty of opportunities developing social media programs, working at food banks, and so many more. Contact us today and let’s get started sharing your talents through kindness.

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