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What song would you write?

“Summer of ‘69” by Bryan Adams

“Oh, when I look back now,

that summer seemed to last forever.

And if I had the choice,

yeah, I'd always wanna be there.

Those were the best days of my life.”

What lyrics would you write for the Summer of 2020? This summer certainly seemed like it went on and on. Years from now, when you’re looking back, would you “wanna be there” again?

For many, these have been trying times. For others, it has been something quite different: a time for reflection and gratitude. We have returned to some simple, tried-and-true diversions, from jigsaw puzzles to gardening, hoping to feel at least a little control. This pandemic experience has made us value the little moments. From a Zoom call with family members, to a walk around the neighborhood, hearing a “Hello!” or “Good morning” as you pass by, these are the things that we have come to appreciate.

At Give3600, we firmly believe in the little moments. Making a difference in someone’s life could end up writing the lyrics for their 2020 song.

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