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I have a dream...

One of my favorite places to walk around is the historic National Mall in Washington, D.C., especially in the early morning hours. My 2023 resolutions include a goal to immerse myself into the people and significance of the various monuments. A rather unique location, one that people often overlook, is the spot where “I have a dream”, those famous words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., are literally carved into the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

Did you know that his famous words were not planned? At the event, the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, Dr. King was a featured speaker. Towards the end of his speech, one of his supporters, gospel singer Mahalia Jackson, cried out, “Tell them about the dream, Martin!” Dr. King then shared his dream for freedom and equality, including his hopes for his young children. The speech he delivered marked one of the most important moments in the civil rights movement.

What a great illustration of adapting and changing plans, even on the spur of the moment! You can have carefully constructed, detailed plans and yet still pivot and change course. Keep this in mind. When an opportunity arises and a somewhat different path appears, it just might end up being one of the defining moments in your life.

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