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Memorial Day Moment

Got plans for Memorial Day? Maybe a barbecue? How about this: Do you have one minute to spare at 3:00 p.m. local time that day? This is the time set aside every Memorial Day for the National Moment of Remembrance. All Americans, wherever they are, are asked to pause for one minute to remember those who died while serving in our armed forces.

Numerous organizations observe this special moment. From Major League Baseball, where all games are halted, to Amtrak train whistles that can be heard across the country. Maybe you’ll even hear one of the participants in “Taps Across America” showing their respect by playing taps. Let’s mark our calendars for 3:00 p.m., Monday, May 31st, and join with others across the country for this very special moment.

At Give3600, we believe that every act of giving creates special moments. Our College Application Spotlight program was created for high school students looking for ways to make their college applications stand out. We work with each student to design a unique volunteer opportunity focused on their special talents and interests. No matter what the time commitment, every moment makes a difference!

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